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Sitting in my room at 12 AM tuning in to CNN, ABC news, and other news outlets has been all that I have done the past few days, apprehensive and anxiously awaiting for when the next batch of votes would come in from the battleground states that will soon determine who would take the seat as the 46th president of the United States. Needless to say, this gruelling election cycle has urged me, along with millions of spectators all over the world, to weigh in and reflect on the impending future of the United States, and eventually the entire world.

2020 has had some of the worst moments in the 21st century so far. What does the rest of the year hold in store for us?

It goes without saying that this year will tell some of the most historic narratives in the 21st century. Almost every major movement/cause that has been inspiring an awakening in a great deal of nations in the world (ex., the BLM movement) is finally cutting through the noise of corrupt and incompetent governments.

However, despite an improving state of social equality, this upturn can only be sustained through collective effort and continuous exposure to…

Sunday morning. Perhaps it was a mistake expecting to wake up to clear weather. Snowfall had become much worse as winter peaked closer. Even the apartment that has been keeping us snug all throughout the winter began to become unwelcoming to the frail human body.

Even so, _____ brushed aside the almost unbearable cold. Her mind still engrossed by the novel she has been perusing the last couple days, only difference is she sat much nearer to the fireplace. “Good morning.” I let out in a sarcastic, but concerned tone. She looked at me and back to her book, and…

**Character names are yet to be revealed

It was a dreary Thursday evening, much quieter than I had expected, too. Everyone had just gotten off of work and was antsy to get back to their homes, me included. However, prior to my journey home, I walked and took in the bustling avenues of Marseille. It was always a hobby of mine to self reflect during these moments, and I couldn’t possibly pass up the sublimity of being able to experience firsthand such a wondrous setting. The weather was quite a drag, though. It was freezing. The river looked as if…

Frankly, everyone is born with no apparent path set out. His experience, be it with abstraction or reality, weaves particular beliefs and ideals that shape his person. We are our own tabula rasa.

Perhaps the only way to gain knowledge is through ceaseless scrutiny of your own principles, even those you hold to the highest regard.

Never settle for anything less than you already know.

“To live is to risk it all. Otherwise, you are just an inert chunk of molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you to.” —Sanchez , 2017

The idle man sets out a path to obscurity.

A critique on modern youth (points stated below are written as soon as they were thought of, hence the difference in word/sentence forms. My apologies):

  • Hyper-reactionary
  • The littlest things offend them
  • Highly progressive ideas are hailed but not practiced properly (see next point)
  • Radical interpretation of progressive concepts (ex. Radical feminism)
  • Hypocrisy in each individual
  • Endless battle of wits and knowledge (having a broad/wider understanding of life makes you the ‘better’ person) #FakeWoke
  • Prepare for criticism if your opinions don’t line up with others (see next point)
  • Alas, opinions don’t exist (disagreements with any forward-thinking ideas, or any ideas for that matter, are met with irrational, biased counterarguments)
  • Often take the high road (outcomes driven by the greater good are fundamental and integral)
  • Lack of proper research on polarizing global/national issues (ex. Politics) #FakeWoke
  • Individuals that seek to openly criticize the society are heavily berated by SJWs


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